From the rivers to oceans, north to south and backcountry to big cities of the United States, there are diverse points challenging to distinguish andecide a place for best distinction regarding quality scenery, beautiful landscape, and favorable climate. However, there are places or regions with their uniqueness for accommodation, attractions, dining options, and most especially the holiday vacation. Even the Americans believe the United States can be a bit monolithic because as you travel across the millions of square miles, you see states with their respective distinct features which give you a sense of deep appreciation of the country.

Meanwhile, after my traveling across the country and visit several places in the United States, damn some places are fantastic! Then realized that it’s highly imperative for me to share this experience with you, thereby, you know the naturally endowed regions for tourism, perfect places for beach vacations and winter sports and gorgeous territories for relaxation. So if you’re thinking, perhaps decided to plunge into the action this season, here are few of the top places for a lifetime memory you can’t afford to miss their grandeur.


The grand that does the justice of Arizona with the 277 miles (446 km) in length, about 18 miles (29 km) wide and a deep of over 6,093ft (1,857 meters) Canyon, and more importantly carve by the Colorado River. This great wonder of northern Arizona in unarguably a massive chasm which has made millions from all over the world to travel down and gazes out over its orange and red magnificence. However, the Grand Canyon is a river valley between the Colorado Plateau. Though not the deepest in the world, it’s virally recognized for its intricate, colorful landscape and visible overwhelming size. Furthermore, the Grand Canyon is part of the six distinct physiographic sections of the Colorado Plateau province. This is obviously significant because of the compact structure of ancient rocks, however, well preserved and exposed from the walls of the canyon. In fact, the rock layers of the Grand Canyon definitely hold the records of the earliest forms in the geological history of North America. Similarly, this iconic part of the Colorado River Basin has been developing in the past 70 million years with several variations like the atmospheric weather conditions that vary with the elevation, perhaps low temperatures because of its aridity, thus making the high forested rims to receive a winter snowfall.

Concerning this, the distinct features of the canyon have enhanced the development of the of the World’s Most Premier natural attraction, the Grand Canyon National Park, which attracts over five million people annually. Meanwhile, the park has been designated as the UNESCO world heritage site with activities including hiking, running, sightseeing from the South Rim, rafting, helicopters tours, to name a few. Aside from these general activities, there is the Grand Canyon Marathon of about 78 miles (126 km) race for 24 hours. Meanwhile, this is possible due to the accessibility of the floor of the valley by muleback or foot, likewise by boat or raft from upriver. The hiking on the river is so interesting such that hundreds of experts complete the trip every year.

Similarly, the camping on both North and South rims are mainly available, though the North Rim is seasonal due to winter snowpack and road closures from weather there. The park authority issues about 13,000 permits for about 40,000 people to camp overnight. Nearly a decade ago, there was an opening of the glass-bottomed Grand Canyon Skywalk, which has also attracted thousands of visitors. Recently, the skydivers could dive on the Grand Canyon with the first operation opened at Grand Canyon National Park Airport. Also, there was the construction of the multimedia complex known as the Grand Canyon Escalade on the canyon’s rim. Therefore, the Grand Canyon has become a top-notch in terms tourism in the United States as analyzed above, hence don’t hesitate to make it part of your great vacation experience, and I promise a lifetime memory!

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The crowded, yet cool, cosmopolitan and continuously changing arena with many curtains forcing against the breeze, the children can always exchange their dreams with the seraphim and an alarm like a rumor of war. New York City, the home Gotham’s towering skyscrapers and iconic landmarks with trees that provide safety for train and traffic. The city trees make a thin and sweet sound as trees along the country’s lanes. So dumb to the shrieking city air but shower comfort to anyone that stands under them. The city that never sleeps as it’s called but you can’t go wrong there! This is a city set on the world’s largest natural harbors comprising of five distinct boroughs- the Manhattan, NYC cultural identifier and its historical birthplace with cheerful domes, roofs, and spires. However, it’s the New York economic and administrative center, the Brooklyn, the most populated borough of the city with several natural botanical gardens, the Coney Island, the Floyd Bennet Field, Wildlife Refuge, the Transit Museum, to mention a few, the Queens. The largest borough regarding landmass in the United States, and the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world which makes it more accommodating for all visitors, the Bronx, the only borough predominantly on the US mainland. Lastly, the State Island, which is the Empire Outlet also known as Harbor commons, one of the largest malls in the City.

Being situated in the Northeastern part of the United States, halfway between the D.C and Boston is blessed with exceptional cityscapes like the Downtown Brooklyn, the lower Manhattan, the East River, the Long Island City at the Queens, the Grand Concourse in the Bronx, and most distinctively, the Manhattan Skyline Panorama. Regarding the architectural designs, NYC is noteworthy with buildings of a wide range of styles right from time, in fact, the world’s tallest buildings. Since the time of Pieter Claesen Wyckoff House in Brooklyn in the 17th century to the modern World Trade centers, New York has always been a figure of architectural qualities as clearly revealed in edifices. For example, the Three, Four, and One Trade Centers, the New York Times Building, Empire State Building, Time Warner Center, Bank of America Tower, Central Park Tower, to mention a few. The tourism activities in New York City has been spiced up several parks or National Parks including the Gateway National Recreation Area, the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, Jacob Riis Park, the Statue of Liberty National Monument, Ellis Island Immigration, the Governors Island National are one of the many places you must ensure you visit this vacation. Notable places like the Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge (the longest suspended bridge in the world), United Nations Headquarters, theUnisphere, to name a few are nothing but points of eternal reminiscences!


The Los Angeles more refined northern cousin! San Francisco is cool and compact with a jumbled collage of colorful neighborhoods and beautiful sceneries that magically draw anyone who has an eye for an edgy art, an adventurous zeal, and a taste for an ingenious cuisine. The city can proudly boast of world-class cuisines, awe-inspiring landscapes, jaw-dropping sights, cozy cafes, and great nightlife venues which will make your tour lively and remarkable experiences. This epicenter of Northern California has no shortage of ways to stay busy there with dense population and several activities including sunning with the sea lions on the bay, strolling along the Marina, and city viewing from the Twin Peaks. Meanwhile, this big-city thrill emanated from its southern counterparts, where there are many patchworks of culture that extends to many San Francisco lively quarters.

As a popular destination for tourism, the visitors can gladly experience steep rolling hills, eclectic mix of architecture, and several landmarks including the exemplary Franciscan cable cars, Golden Gate Bridge, Alamo Square Park. Let’s not forget the home painted ladies, Fisherman’s Wharf, the Pier 39, which offers the world-class dining, shopping, sun-bathing seals, entertainment, to name a few, the former Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, which receives about 1.5 million visitors annually, and its China district. San Francisco is globally known as one of the cities that frequently portray music, films, and home of large hotel infrastructure and world-class convention facilities like in the Moscone Center. This fantastic city houses many contemporary and 20th century works of arts that you can visit to have a wonderful holiday. As mentioned earlier, the are many beaches and parks like the Alamo Park which attracts over 13 million visitors per year. Hence, San Francisco is unarguably among the lists of places that mustn’t but visit this vacation.

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One of the most vibrant capitals in the world, the diverse people and food, the marble monuments, high-profile politicos and ultimately, the interesting places for a vacation destination.Though second to NYC regarding diversity in people and food, you hear millions of accents in this city.Many international organizations offices and nations’ embassies with several interesting activities. Over centuries, Washington D.C., has been widely recognized as a city saddled with high-class political activities. However, it’s called ‘city of southern efficiency and northern charm.’ Full of energy, transforming with a fast-paced into an East Coast vacation terminus. Moreover, this is an iconic city of several cultural activities with districts offering a host of popular museums and interesting neighborhoods, and many more beautiful places to enjoy your vacation.

Washington D.C., is filled with both the modern and traditional adventures, thereby having innumerable tours of classic attractions like the White House, the Smithsonian National Museums of Natural History, the U.S. Capitol, the Washington Monument, to mention a few. In fact, D.C has become a phenomenal city you must visit places to relax, eat and drink. There isn’t a better way to tour great D.C than to stroll around the Tidal Basin, especially during the time of National Cherry Blossom Festival. Besides, D.C. has transitioned into a blooming cultural hub with its urban neighborhoods, vibrant farmer’s markets, marquee art galleries, and lots of traditional restaurants, which are available for you to experience the today’s Washington that people know and love.


The rocks, routes, race and lots of many great things that will undoubtedly make you enjoy Boston if you visit the town. Though small but it’s very easy to get around, and filled with loyal and awesome people. Boston doesn’t just house fantastic people, but it’s the hub for several sporting activities like the baseball, brownstones, amongst all, and most importantly the academic activity. The town is known for producing the bookish collegiate types, having owing the first America’s large free Municipal Public Library, the first Public School, the First Subway system, and the first Public Park.

It’s an understatement to say Boston is historic with many monuments like the JFK Museum, the Freedom Trail, Faneuil Hall, Beacon Hill, the Public Garden, Paul Revere House, to name a few make the town heroic. So strive all means to make Boston on the list of places you plan to visit this vacation because the best Italian and seafood restaurants are waiting to give you the best treat! Note that you’ll need more than a few days to tour and witness this beautiful city’s cultural and historical wealth offering. Meanwhile, strolling along the Boston’s cobblestone is always the best way to start the exploration.


What a life in Miami! The white sand beaches, wild nightlife, Cuban food, gorgeous people, and the amazing warm weather are nothing but for you to experience the best fun of your life. When you talk of diverse cultures, plus a strong measure of arts and the splash of the ocean water, then you take Miami. This colorful Florida city is now specially endowed with fantastic art museums, blooming gastronomical scene. Meanwhile, it was just covered with swampland century ago. Moreover, this mini melting pot is also widely recognized for preserving the multicultural neighborhoods like the Little Havana which is enclaved for traditions to thrive. Hence, through innovation and creativity, one of the best tourist locations and destinations has been discovered.

The Miami Beach is well-known for extravagant parties and nightlife that can disrupt the outlook of your previous vacations. It has a barrier island to the east of the mainland, and this down-to-earth city enhances the artsy vibe, while the southern part of the beach is always everglades before and behind if you plunge to visit. The bustling streets of historical homes of Caribbean music and Spanish words will always float into your ears. Without further ado, travel to South Florida to experience this melting pot of cultures, the ever tasty food and nightlife scenario that worth more than the trip alone, but a heroic adventure!


When you talk of pleasant weather, I don’t there’s any city better than Chicago in the United States. A city set on the shores of Lake Michigan, and providing the world-class food including the sushi, hot dogs and deep dish, as well as the embodied fun at its Millennium Park of a bean-shaped statue, the kick-ass aquarium, and architecture tour of the iconic designs and structures. Chicago is the dome of positive and happy vibe. The American third largest city has been tagged as the city of the industry with myriads ways innovative inventions such as electricity and other productions.

Chicago remains just as diverse as it was in cultures boasting of several fun-faring art scenes, many shopping districts and the famous cornucopia eateries for its inhabitants and visitors to explore and enjoy. As a matter of fact, the first timers always have their eyes on the sky for consecutive days to see the massive skyscrapers and public art displays that worth admiring. Places like the John Hancock Center’s 360 Chicago Observation Deck and Wills Tower’s Skydeck Chicago will definitely activate your bird’s-eye perspective. Thus, Chicago city awaiting with its offers including the exceptional museums and thriving sports centers, the deep-dish pizza of a depth delicacy you can dare to explore.

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What an amazing figure of Montana and Idaho! Unarguably the first National Park in the United States, even globally with pristine lakes and dramatic peaks. Indeed, it’s an adventure enthusiast paradise with multicolored pools swirling around the hot springs, the volatile geysers launching streams of steaming water towards the sky, and clearly, the verdant forests weaving past the expansive meadows. With abundant and preserved natural beauty, the park has held its recognition in wildlife conservation and geothermal features, specifically the Old Faithful geyser. The 3000+ square miles of canyons, geysers, mountains, the waterfall is available for you to transverse with meeting the permanent residents like the elk, buffalo, and seldom, the grizzlies.

Ultimately, Yellowstone annually attracts over 4 million visitors for tourism with many places like the Yellowstone Lake and Mammoth Hot Springs to explore. Therefore, make a plan to interact with nature this vacation at the Yellowstone, and tap a gross amount of excitement right from the blistering geysers to the sparkling hot springs, and then to the hiking trails in kilometers. More so, you can learn about animal discovery and behaviors this vacation when you visit the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center that exposes more about wildlife


The historic pioneer of Square and home of Starbucks. Seattle can proudly boast of an exciting downtown, authentic Asian delicacies, fresh fish, funky nightlife and amazing art galleries. The city is popularly known for Hella cool experience, that is, going on an underground tour of the city’s ruins vis the Square. The weather is highly conducive, even on water, thereby you can explore places like the Elliot Bay to see some islands. Seattle isn’t just only a cool city, but it’s techy and everywhere relaxed, consequently allows everyone to do one thing or the other. Moreover, there’s special craft beer and coffee that you can’t just resist.

If you’re visiting the Seattle this vacation, I’ll gladly love to recommend the Emerald City, the glass-blown pieces at Chihuly Garden and Glass, and astonishing craft displays at the Seattle Art Museum for the art lovers. The Hiram M Chittenden Lock for ships dock is worthwhile for the maritime enthusiasts to explore. As the best Foodie Destinations in the United States, the city owns dozens of craft breweries, food markets, and processing plants. Several outdoor activities including camping, kayaking and hiking are there for you to explore when you visit Seattle this vacation.


The heart of Louisiana also known as the Big Easy. Very few American cities are known to home cultures as unique as New Orleans. With offerings of influences from the Europeans, Caribbean, and many other locales, the city got to have a distinct personality. This vibrant city is known for round-the-clock nightlife, and welcoming visitors with a live music scenes and partying they can handle. The cuisine is a reflection of its history as a melting pot of the African, French and American cultures. The festive spirit is seasonally revived around the late-winter as a carnival know the Mardi Gras famously involved the raucous costumed parades and street parties. New Orleans is a consolidated city-parish, globally known for its Creole cuisine and unique dialect.

There are many visitors’ attractions at the New Orleans like the popular French Quarters, St. Charles Avenue, and the Magazine Street, home large boutique stores and antique shops. Based on travel guide stat, New Orleans is the 10th most visited cities in the USA with over 10 million visitors per year. New Orleans is the best place in the United States for wild weekends, spring break destination, stylish boutique hotels, single/bar scenes, cocktail hours, live music/concerts bands, cafes/coffees bars, antique and vintage stores, and most importantly people watching with ultimate happiness.

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The city defined by unique features like the horse-drawn carriages, pastel antebellum houses, cobblestone streets, and popularly recognized with the elegant Battery districts and French Quarter. Charleston, the largest and oldest city in the U.S state of South Carolina with the Charleston harbor, which is an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean formed by the confluence of the Wando, Ashley and Cooper rivers. Historically, Charleston is rich with well-designed architecture edifices built for centuries, distinguished restaurants for the inhabitants and visitors, and hospitable people that accommodate visitors.

As a popular tourist center who has received numerous accolades. There are many parks and recreational centers including the Cannon Park, Marion Square, Martin Park, White Point Garden, Waterfront Park, Washington Square Park, Theodora Park, Mitchell Playground to name a few. Also the historical sites and museums, as well as its picturesque streets that you can explore this holiday for optimum enjoyment and experience.


The home World War 11 Pearl Harbor and the gateway to the U.S island chain, is the capital and largest city of the state of Hawaii with several hubs for businesses, military defense, commerce, as well as popular host varieties of Pacific and east-west culture, traditions and cuisine. In 2015, Honolulu was ranked the highest as the world most livable city, and the second safest city in the United States. Meanwhile, the town of Oahu blends the stunning scenery and multicultural luxury than any other municipalities in Hawaiian island. Similarly, the Waikiki neighborhood owns the exemplary skyline of great resorts and high-rises with the beautiful sprawling sand beaches. This neighborhood is widely known as the center for nightlife, shopping and dining.

The iconic curved beaches backed by high-rise hotels and palms at Honolulu has made the city a great figure in tourist attractions. As mentioned earlier, the Waikiki beach and many more like the AlaMoana Center, Honolulu Museum of Art, Lyon Arboretum, Iolani Palace, the International Market Place to mention a few are one of the top place recommended for you to visit this vacation.


The home of the Rocky Mountains featuring many 19th-century landmarks including the Larimer Square, the city’s oldest block and the ultramodern Denver Art Museum complex which houses many indigenous works. This America metropolis, Denver, offers a mix of natural surroundings and urban excitement that many Americans dare to witness. So strive to make some of these cosmopolitan enticements into your vacation list which make you experience this city the way the local Denverites know and love it.

The Colorado capital offers the opportunity to hike her rocky trails and ski their slope as part of tourism activities. Additionally, the Mile High City also make shopping streets, brewing trails and hiking paths available for both the visitors and inhabitants of the city. Provided you’re touring with your family; there are great places like the world-class zoo you can visit to give your kids ultimate entertainment.


The former United States capital is well known for its rich historical heritage with the display of the Liberty Bell at the Independence hall, where the victorious United States of America independence was declared. Many American iconic and revolutionary monuments are kept in this greatest city of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, often called Philly was a home for one of the American greatest leader, Benjamin Franklin, yet still filled with modern and notable museums, bustling nightlife, thriving restaurants, and a winning sports teams.

With many universities and colleges, the city has evolved to be the educational and economic hub of the United States. Similarly, there are many areas of tourist attractions made with more outdoor sculptures and murals including the Fairmount Park coupled with its adjacent Wissahickon Valley Park, is one of a biggest contiguous urban park in the USA. Philadelphia is the home of many United States first including the first hospital, medical school, library, zoo, stock exchange, to mention a few that you can explore this vacation.


The park was named after fragments of glaciers from the ice age, and with a glacier-carved peaks. This National park also called this Crown of the Continent is located in the wilderness area of Montana’s Rocky Mountains which towards the Canadian Border.

The Glacier National Park is a great figure in tourist destinations diverse wildlife ranging from the mountain goats to grizzly bears with several activities like hiking, cycling, backpacking, and camping can be experienced in the camp. The park is featured with over 130 lakes with historic wooden tour boats for a voyage, 1000 different species of plants and animals that you can meet when you visit the park this vacation.

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16. MAUI

Though not as bustling like Oahu, neither wide as Big Island nor small like Lanai, but it’s just a right place for the Hawaii vacationers with offerings of tranquil beaches and lush parks, extraordinary wildlife, and intriguing culture and history or a taste that you can just forget. Maui, the archipelago’s most famous tourist spot, is sandwiched the tinier Molokai and the Big Island, and it’s divided into five distinct regions, the Eastern Maui is the road you travel to enjoy scenic coastline, the West is where the sands of Kaanapali Beach and music from the Old LahainaLuaz. the Southern Maui houses the prominent Wailea Beach, the world largest dormant volcano- Haleakala- can be explored at the Upcountry, and lastly explore the former eminent tribal battlegrounds in the Central known as the Iao Valley State Park.

Wherefore, a visit to Maui introduces you to the golfing along coastal fairways, snorkel with five different types of sea turtles, lounging in the Hawaii’s most prominent beaches, culturally meeting and know professional Hula dancers. Moreover, you can spend your time admiring the scenery as you travel along the road to Hana or lounging the sands of Waianapanapa. Don’t forget to sample the sand!


This National Park is all about a reunion with nature by visiting the awe-inspiring landmarks like the Hiking Cathedral Lakes, Glacier Point or Half Dome, Mist Trail and other notable part. This is one of California’s most astonishing natural landscapes with over 1,200 square miles of towering waterfalls, sheer awe, millennia-old Sequoia trees, striking and daunting cliff faces, and ultimately, the unique rock formations in the United States. The park is widely recognized with camping, and most tourist activity happens within the 8-square mile of the Yosemite Valley. As mentioned earlier, the famous landmarks of Yosemite including the Half Dome and El Capitan are excellent hiking trails through these natural monuments. Yosemite is as easy for amateur hikers to enjoy climbing lessons and hiking tutors for any local outfitters. Many visitors do come to Yosemite each year but I would you should find the right time to visit this vacation for optimum enjoyment.


It’s an understatement to use the word beautiful to justify this extraordinary, incredible and overwhelming Lake Tahoe. The lake has been a favorite vacation spot a long time ago with over 2.7 million visitors being welcomed every year. The reputation to be one of the most beautiful water bodies in the U.S still stands strong. Lake Tahoe is featured with towering mountaintops and steep granite cliff sides. It boasts of a mile of hiking trails, the best skiing in North America and countless picture-perfect vistas. However, Lake Tahoe has adopted most of its neighborhoods like San Francisco traits in tourism and recreational qualities including high-end shopping, dining along the lake’s shore, games like casinos on the south shore. Many activities like hot air balloon adventures, scenic cruises on the mirror-like water, to mention a few are always available for a memorable vacation experience.


The home of manicured parks, antebellum architecture, and horse-drawn carriages is filled with many historic features, and qualities like the cobblestoned squares and parks at the famous Forsyth Park shaded by Spanish moss and oak trees. The historic landmark, the Gothic-Revival Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist is located at the popular picturesque district. Now an industrial center and important Atlantic Seaport. Annually, Savannah welcomes millions of visitors to the aforementioned squares and parks and some other notable historic monuments like the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts of USA, the Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences. First African Baptist Church (one of the oldest African-American Baptist Congregations in the United States), Temple Mickve Israel (the third oldest synagogue in the U.S), the Central of Georgia Railway Roundhouse Complex, the oldest standing antebellum rail facility in America, and many more places are there for you to explore and enjoy!


The city of beaches, parks and a warm climate.The home of the deep harbor of the large active naval fleet with an aircraft that turned to museum. The huge Balboa Park is an abode of the popular San Diego Zoo. The birthplace of California is known to have tourism as the major industry with the above-listed features. Places like the Belmont amusement park, SeaWorld San Diego, the Balboa Park are wonderful places of tourist attractions. In 2012, San Diego hosted more than 32 million visitors due to tourism activities like the local craft brewing and sight-seeing cruises at the San Diego Bay, as well as whale-watching cruises to see the movement of gray whales especially in mid-January, Sports fishing is also not left out in the tourism activities. In fact, San Diego is the home to California’s biggest sports fishing fleet that you cannot afford to miss the experience.

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