Android, iOS, macOS App Icon Maker

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Android 7 icons will be generated
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iOS 10 different icons will be generated for iPhone and iPad
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macOS 7 icons will be generated
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How to resize or generate App icons

1. Browse or drag & drop JPEG, JPG or PNG images, a 1024x1024 px image would be better. You can upload up to 5 images at a time.
2. Check which platforms you want to include. By default it will generate all icons with its current standard sizes but you can add custom dimensions.
3. Click on the "Download App Icons" button to generate and download the icons.

How to generate or resize App launch icons for any platform?

Due to rapid changes of App icon sizes it is not feasible to make icon generator for each platform but still you can use this tool to resize your App icons for any platform including Android, iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, Windows, Kindle Fire. To do so just check any platform and then click on "Add custom size" button and mention your own dimensions.

Generate high quality App icons

As most of the platform owners accept PNG format, the generated icon format will be in PNG and to deliver best quality no compressions were applied while resizing, uploaded JPG image will be converted to PNG, in this case the image size could be slightly bigger due to conversion.